Korea’s tallest skyscraper to light up the night sky on New Year’s Eve

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South Korean retail giant, Lotte, will hold a fireworks festival located at Jamsil station. The super-tall skyscraper is 555m tall with 123 floors.

The fireworks will last for 555 seconds to symbolize 555m high Lotte World Tower, Lotte Property and Development (P&D) said. The company said it expects to draw at least 100,000 viewers and will cautiously plan to allocate 1,500 guards and voluntary workers to take safety measures. and enhance security.

The New Years firework festival will begin at 8:30pm on December 31st of 2017 and will end at 1am the next day.

The event is sponsored by Seoul City, Korean Tourism Board, and the PyeongChang Olympics Organizing Committee.

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