Korea’s largest Starbucks store opened in Central Seoul named ‘Starbucks the Jongno’

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The store, dubbed “The Jongno branch,” is around 1,097 square meters, being four times larger than the average size of other branches. It is located at Jongno Tower, Jongno-gu. 

The store space is to be classified in six zones — Grand Bar, Dining Zone, Lounge Space, Coffee Stage and Coffee Gathering.  Customers can enjoy more than 100 kinds of beverages and merchandising products, along with around 60 food products. 80% of the baristas here wear the black apron , the symbol of extra training and competence. This is the only store in Korea that can serve Teavana beverages using the Siphon, an appliance that uses pressure difference,” barista Hoya with a black apron, said.

At the new store, customers can listen to a barista talk about coffee and tea three times a day. They also can exclusively use a separated rooms for 3 hours, upon reservation.  Furthermore, customers can exclusively meet seven types of rice food products, cultivated in Korea, using Starbucks coffee grounds as a fertilizer, packaged with traditional Korean fabric.

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