Seoul to offer free shuttle bus from Seoul to PyeongChang-Gangneung during the Olympics

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Seoul City is offering a free shuttle bus called ‘Pyeongchang e-bus’ from Seoul to Pyeongchang-Gangneung during the PyeongChang Winter Olympics (2.10-2.25) and the Paralympics (3.9-3.18).

Anybody with a ticket to an Olympic Games event or any of the Cultural Olympiad performances to be held in Pyeongchang‧Gangneung may use the shuttle bus after making a reservation via Internet or smartphone on a first-come-first-served basis. Reservations can be made starting at 11:00am on January 26th, 2018 through the reservation website ( You can also contact  +82-1661-9964.

The free shuttle buses (31-seater luxury buses) will follow a total of four routes, with a maximum of 30 buses operating every day, depending on the amount of reservations made.

※ Route planning – Service times may vary depending on circumstances – the schedule is as follows:

Category Route
Seoul->Gangneung (Departure) 09:00 Seoul (City Hall Station Exit 3) / 11:50 Gangneung Station / 11:55 Gangneung Hockey Centre (Art Center) / 12:00 Gangneung Olympic Park (Ice Arena) / 12:05 Gangneung Seongyojang / 12:15
Seoul->Pyeongchang (Departure) 09:30 Seoul (City Hall Station Exit 3) / 12:00 PyeongChang Olympics Medal Plaza / 12:10 Alpensia Sports Park (North Gate) / 12:15 IBC (International Broadcasting Center) / 12:40 Woljeongsa Temple
Gangneung->Seoul (Return) 20:30 Anmok Café Street / 20:45 Gyeongpo Beach / 20:55 Gangneung Seongyojang / 21:00 Gangneung Olympic Park (Ice Arena) / 21:05 Gangneung Hockey Centre / 21:10 Gangneung Station / 24:00 Seoul (City Hall Station Exit 3)
Pyeongchang->Seoul (Return) 20:20 Woljeongsa Temple / 20:45 IBC (International Broadcasting Center / 20:53 Alpensia Sports Park (North Gate) / 21:00 PyeongChang Olympics Medal Plaza / 23:30 Seoul (City Hall Station Exit 3)


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