A historical Marvel movie ‘Black Panther’ shot some scenes in Busan. Now Busan is put under a global spotlight

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The movie gained high expectation as it was filmed in the Korean port city Busan for about 15 days in March 2017. This is the second Marvel movie that was filmed in Korea after the ‘Avengers 2: Age of Ultron’. One of the major car chasing scenes of Black Panther was filmed in Busan, at the Jagalchi Market and the Gwangan Bridge. But what fans did not expect was one of the actors, Lupita Nyong’o, to speak Korean fluently to a Korean old lady (ajumma) filmed at the Jagalchi fish market.

The film took $25.3m (£18m) in Korean cinemas during its opening week – more than anywhere outside the US. In general, Black Panther has received rave reviews around the globe and earned $361m on its opening weekend. It is the first Marvel superhero film with a predominantly black cast and is expected to smash box office records.

Here are some of the tweets that the fans tweeted:

Some even took time to compliment Lupita’s Busan accent.

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