Two major bakery chains will stop using plastic bags

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Paris Baguette and Tous Les Jours, Korea’s biggest bakery franchises, will stop using plastic bags for most customer purchases.

Under an agreement the two bakeries made Monday with the Ministry of Environment, Paris Baguette will reduce its plastic bag use by more than 90 percent at its 3,367 stores across the country. Tous Les Jours will target an 80 percent cut at its 1,306 stores.

Paper bags without handles will replace plastic bags.

The two bakeries expect to cut out 230 million plastic bags a year.

The ministry estimates a reduction of about 10,925 tons of greenhouse gases if the two companies achieve their targets.

Paris Croissant, under the SPC banner with Paris Baguette, is also developing straw-less lids for its drinks. A discount of 500 won ($ 50 cents) will be offered to customers who bring their own cup.

By Jung Hae-myoung (The Korea Times)

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