Cristiano Ronaldo to visit South Korea for commercial

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Portuguese football star Cristiano Ronaldo will visit South Korea this month to promote SIXPAD, a muscle training gear. The forward will also meet a promising South Korean youth footballer.

KOREA TECH, a South Korean vendor for SIXPAD, said in a statement on Friday that the 33-year-old football hero would arrive in Seoul on July 25 to participate in a promotional event. SIXPAD was created by Japanese Cosmetic and training-device maker MTG.

According to the South Korean vendor, Ronaldo will meet Won Tae-hoon, a 12-year-old football prodigy in Seoul, at the event. Won received spotlight for leading his primary school team to victory in a football tournament last year by scoring a total of 35 goals.

Ronaldo, one of the world’s most popular football players, has left Spain’s Real Madrid Club de Futbol to play in the Italian league.

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