MBC in Yeouido is literally rising from the ashes

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A building that is multiple decades old is rising up from the ashes with new heights. Earlier last month, the mayor of Seoul has announced that the Yeouido area of Seoul’s height limit will be lifted and this is what is happening right now. The development of Yeouido has started to accelerate. The apartment renovation and reconstruction business are progressing. NH Investment & Securities, GS construction, and Shingyoung consortium were selected as the preferred negotiators for the Yeouido site development project.

The project is a large-scale project with an office, an officetel, a commercial facility, an apartment building, a project that costs up to  1.2 trillion won, covering a land of 17,795 square meters. The project will start in 2019 and will be completed in the second half of 2022.


This is the new design concept of the MBC building, one of the biggest Korean broadcasting companies.


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