Air Busan will begin selling discounted tickets this month

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Air Busan, a low cost airline based in Busan, has announced that it will carry out a special event ‘Fly & Sale’ for 7 domestic routes and 26 International routes beginning from 9th till the 12th of this month. This special event is only held twice a year.

During this period, Air Busan will sell all domestic routes at 10,000 won one way, which includes fuel surcharge and airport tax. International flights are also significantly discounted from normal prices.

Daegu ~ Fukuoka: 77,400 won
Busan ~ Kaohsiung: 91,800 won
Busan ~ Hong Kong/Macau: 81,800 won
Busan ~ Guam: 109,400 won
Busan ~ Vientiane: 127,900 won
Busan ~ Ulaanbaatar: 132,900 won
Busan/Daegu ~ Osaka: 62,400 won
Busan/Daegu ~ Taipei: 91,800 won
Busan/Daegu ~ Hainan: 102,900 won

From 11am on the 9th, all domestic flights will be sold. On the 10th at 11am, all international flights will be sold except Japan. Japan routes will be available from 11am on the 11th. The duration of the domestic flights you can fly with this price is from March 9th to March 24th. For the international flights, you can choose your flight dates between March 25th to October 27th.

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