Korean American Hollywood Actor Daniel Henney is the new face of South Korea’s newest LCC, Air Philip

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South Korea’s newest low cost carrier, Air Philip, will launch a domestic flight from it’s base, Gwangju to Seoul-Gimpo. This commercial shoot, which will be released at the start Air Philip’s flight, was conducted in Los Angeles where Daniel Henney is currently filming ‘Criminal Minds Season 13’. In the commercial, Daniel Henney sometimes turns into a pilot, sometimes a flight attendant and a mechanic.

Air Philip is the first airline to operate from Muan International Airport as a hub in South Korea. It is scheduled to fly from Muan International Airport to Incheon International Airport once a day and 7 times a week. The flight type is ERJ-145, 50 seat passenger jet. It’s model is used as  a regional transportation aircraft in advanced countries such as USA, Europe, China and Japan. ERJ-145 is an airplane manufactured by Embraer Brazil.

Air Philip plans to offer differentiated services despite operating a small aircraft. Air Philip has stated, “Air Philip will be able to provide a high quality level of in-flight services that are difficult to find on low-cost airline.”


항공사 에어필립, 다니엘 헤니와 함께한 광고 5월 중 온에어 예정

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