Tropical Storm Prapiroon to unleash flooding, strong winds on Korean Peninsula

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Tropical storm Prapiroon will is coming upon on the Korean Peninsula.

“Prior to the arrival of Prapiroon, South Korea will endure locally heavy rainfall through Sunday as a frontal boundary stalls over the region,” said AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Adam Douty.

These rounds of rain, in addition to impacts from Prapiroon, will set the stage for widespread flooding and an elevated risk for mudslides.

While Prapiroon will not reach South Korea until Monday, impacts from the storm will begin as early as Sunday afternoon or evening.

Moisture from Prapiroon will be pulled northward into the frontal boundary sitting across the Korean Peninsula, further enhancing the ongoing rainfall from late Sunday into Sunday night.

The worst impacts from the storm in South Korea will be felt on Monday and Monday night as the tropical cyclone tracks just west of Jeju and the southwest coast of mainland South Korea.

A continued northward track will cause Prapiroon to make landfall in western South Korea Monday night near Seoul.

The name of the typhoon is a rain god in Thai.


By Eric Leister, AccuWeather senior Meteorologist

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