YG teases new YG Entertainment Headquarters

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CEO of YG Entertainment, Yang Hyun Suk, has teased a new YG HQ on his instagram account – and also hints that new Big Bang Album will be recorded there.

The new HQ is located right next to the original headquarters of YG.

The hashtags are as follows:
“#Prototype_Of_New_YG_HQ_Building #On_Track_For_Completion_July_2019, #Interior_Area_Of_6000_PY, #Took_3_Years_Of_Hard_Thinking_On_Design, and #Recording_For_New_BIGBANG_Album_Will_Take_Place_Here.”

Take a look:

The building is set to open in July 2019.

yg new building 2019 4

Yang Hyun Suk also revealed that all of the subsidiaries and employees who are currently working in 6 different buildings will be able to come together once the huge headquarter is finished.

yg new building 2019 2

He didn’t fail to reiterate that BIGBANG‘s album is already confirmed to be produced in this building as soon as the members are finished with their military enlistment.


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