EXO’s “Power” barely beat out BTS’s “Fake Love” to be played at FIFA World Cup 2018

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On July 4th, FIFA started a poll on twitter, stating that they will be playing one of the songs in the FIFA World Cup Stadium during one of the games.

FIFA World Cup gave netizens the opportunity to choose between 4 songs to be played at the World Cup stadium. Netizens could choose between BTS‘s “FAKE LOVE”, EXO’s “Power”, J Balvin‘s “Mi Gente”, and Zedd (feat. Marren Morris and Grey) “The Middle”.

The poll quickly became a worldwide trend with two K-pop band BTS and EXO taking the lead and staying there.

Fifa results 2

Over 3 million votes were cast over a 24 hour period and the results were announced with EXO slightly beating out BTS.

Olympic’s official twitter account has also responded.

FIFA World Cup has announced through it’s official Instagram account that both songs will be played.


Alex Stone, who is responsible for the Social Media Team of FIFA World Cup has announced that BTS will be also played.





Well Done!

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