Incheon Internatianal Airport is Expanding Terminal 2

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Incheon International Airport is beginning its 4th stage project which includes including the Terminal 2 and raising the annual passenger candling capacity. This expansion will raise the passenger handling capacity of Terminal 2 from 18 million to 46 million.

Other project includes constructing the 4th runway of 3750m. Incheon International Airport Corporation will procure the entire project cost. The construction is planned to be completed in 2023 and will make the airport the only airport in Asia that can accommodate 100 million people a year.

Incheon International Airport Corporation is going to actively utilize the fourth industrialization revolution technology such as artificial intelligence and information communication technology in the 4th stage construction. Biometric recognition boarding services, AI-based security search and cutting-edge smart services will also be provided.

We cannot wait to truly experience Terminal 2 when it is completed.

incheon airport terminal 2 image

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