You Can Go To The Han River To See Artifacts Right now

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Seoul’s Hangang Park is now an open-air gallery. According to the Seoul Metropolitan Government, 37 works of interactive installation art were introduced to the park’s network in Yeouido and Ichon.

Created in line with the overall theme “Han River, stop and flow in art,” the installations embody the meaning and value that the river has in artistic form.

5일 서울 용산구 이촌한강공원의 철교 밑에 폐타이어로 만든 조형물 ‘북극곰’이 설치돼 있다. 일부 시민은 “무섭고 흉물 같다”며 서울시에 민원을 제기했다. 아래 사진은 강아지 사진 3장을 반사경에 붙여 만든 작품. “가상과 현실의 경계, 공존을 표현했다”는 작가의 의도와 달리 “뜬금없다”는 반응이 나온다.

A total of 24 art pieces have been installed in Hangang Park’s Ichon area, while 13 were installed in Yeouido Park.

Four different sections have been allotted following the four themes of “activity,” “relaxation, “excitement,” and “secrecy” that reflect the various images Hangang Park exudes.

The project’s budget is estimated at 10.2 billion won, and a total of 37 artists or teams participated in the project including the likes of local artist Gwon O-sang, Kim Min-ae, and Ji Yong-ho as well as internationally renowned artists like Luke Jerram.

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