‘Black Panther’ cast, director to visit Seoul

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‘Black Panther,’ the latest edition of the superhero MARVEL universe – will premiere in Korea next month, February 14th on Valentines day. It is said that the director and the cast is set to visit Korea. ‘Black Panther’ is part of the ‘MARVEL Cinematic Universe’ based on the comic book heroes of Marvel.

So far to date, Black Panther is on track to become one of the biggest ever Marvel films going by its ticket pre-sales. Black Panther is one of the most anticipated movie to come out to date in the MARVEL edition. The film overtook previous record holder ‘Captain America: Civil War’ in its first day of pre-sales.

MARVEL movies have been widely successful in Korea. ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ became one of the 20 movies to break the mark of 10 million tickets sold at the Korean box office. Expectations among Korean fans for ‘Black Panther’ is exceptionally high, as several key scenes were shot in the port city of Korea, Busan. One of the main car chasing scenes have been filmed in Gwanganli beach. Other locations include Haeundae and Jagalchi Market.

black panther3.jpeg
Youtube ‘MARVEL Entertainment’

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Youtube ‘MARVEL Entertainment’

black panther5.jpeg
Youtube ‘MARVEL Entertainment’

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