PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics Special: Know who you are cheering for

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As PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics is in less than 50 days away, South Korea is gearing up to host other nations. It is estimated that around 90 countries will participate in this years Olympics including a  first ever Nigerian bobsled team. South Korea has also opened up the door for North Korean athletes to participate. As South Korea is going to debut a hockey team on a global stage, South Korea has naturalized 19 athletes to play for the nation. They are the newly naturalized citizens that will represent South Korea during the Olympics season.

Mike Testwuide
– Men’s Ice Hockey24124805_1008702692618603_4160339798055190528_n
(Photo: Instagram)

Brock Radunske – Men’s Ice Hockey
brock radunske.JPG

Bryan Young &Michael Swift – Men’s Ice Hockey
bryan young.jpg
Byran Young (left) and Michael Swift (right) (Photo: Korea Joongang Daily)

Eric Regan
– Men’s Ice Hockey
eric regan
(Photo: Facebook)

Matt Dalton – Men’s Ice Hockey
matt dalton
(Photo: Facebook)

Caroline Park – Women’s Ice Hockey
caroline park
(Photo: Princeton University)

Danelle Im
– Women’s Ice Hockey
(Photo: Instagram)

Marissa Brandt
– Women’s Ice Hockey
marissa brandt
Marissa Brandt (left), Hanna Brandt (right) (Photo:

Randi Griffin
– Women’s Ice Hockey
randi griffin
(Photo: Facebook)

Anna Frolina
– Biathlon
anna frolina

Ekaterina Avvakumova
– Biathlon
(Photo: Facebook)

Timofey Lapshin
– Biathlon
Timofey Lapshin
(Photo: Facebook)

Alexander Gamelin
– Ice Dance
Yura Min (left), Alexander Gamelin (right) (Photo: Wikipedia)

Themistocles Leftheris
– Pair Skating
Themistocles Leftheris
Themistocles Leftheris (bottom), Ji Min-ji (above) (Photo:

Aileen Christina Frisch
– Luge
Aileen Frisch

Magnus Kim
– Cross Country
magnus kim
(Photo: Yonhap News).

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