Michelin Starred Restaurant Pierre Gagnaire Seoul is Reopening

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Pierre Gagnaire’s Michelin Starred Restaurant is opening next month after a year of renovation. The restaurant is located in Lotte Hotel Seoul.

‘Pierre Gagnaire Seoul’ is the only restaurant in Korea where it was chosen as the Number 1 restaurant by the Michelin Starred Chefs’ poll in the 2015 Edition ‘Le Chef’ Magazine.

Through this renovation, ‘Pierre Gagnaire Seoul’ is dedicated to providing the newest gourmet trend absorbed by the French atmosphere.

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‘Pierre Gagnaire Seoul’ is planning to approach the new customers with the newly acquired tastes with more affordable price while maintaining the quality.

Lunch is based on the Allegro service, where customers with a business background can finish their meal within 1 hour. On the menu, ‘Pierre Gagnaire Seoul’ will prepare Mediterranean style ‘One Plate’ which has a base of some olive oil. Lunch crouse prices range from 75,000 won to 120,000 won. For dinner, you can taste Chef Pierre Gagnaire’s signature menu originating from Southern France. The various seafood based menu will be served including previous menus where it has received a lot of compliments from the previous tasters. The dinner course is priced between 150,000 won and 240,000 won.

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‘Pierre Bar’ will be newly showcased as French Boutique corner with an amazing night view. ‘Pierre Bar’ will also provide private membership. It can be distinguished by 2 main statuses, ‘Gold’ and ‘Platinum.’ Whiskey and Champagne will be provided depending on your membership. Additional 30% discount will be given to snack and beverages with more benefits. There will be only 30 of these memberships available per year.

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